Commercial property finance

We assist our clients in sourcing debt and equity financing for their projects and ensure that they get the best terms. We approach several of our lending partners with the appropriate risk appetite to ensure we secure competitive terms that enable our clients’ to achieve their investment objectives. We act on investment, development, and bridging finance mandates. 

We also assist our clients on sourcing/disposing CRE assets and NPLs in line with their investment criteria either on standalone basis, or in conjunction with financing.

We also act in a purely advisory capacity for our clients on financing their property deals. This involves preparing property cash flows, attending lenders' meetings alongside our clients, dealing with and crafting appropriate responses to lenders' queries, reviewing loan terms and conditions, advising on general loan market conditions, loan structuring, and recommending the suitability of terms for acceptance. 

Financial advisory

We act as financial advisers to City of London based legal firms involved in debt negotiations on behalf of their clients with various financial institutions including banks and private equity funds.

We assist the legal firms throughout the negotiation process by conducting extensive review of the cases including facility, property, valuation, cash flows and financial documentation to inform our opinion of the specific case. Based on this review, we then offer strategic advice which outlines the optimal settlement levels and tactics to be employed in the negotiations to ensure the best outcome for clients.

We also work directly with clients to present credible restructuring and/or settlement proposals that work. We assist in formulating sensible property asset management strategies and business plans that maximise recovery/returns for all stakeholders, thus significantly improving borrower's chances of securing lender consent.

Financial modelling

We advise our clients on whether an investment is worthwhile or not.

We develop bespoke financial models and perform detailed cash flow modelling on behalf of clients who either lack the skills or simply do not have the time.  

We prepare financial projections and discounted cash flow (DCF) calculations using the property information provided. We calculate various investment metrics such as net operating income (NOI), net present value (NPV), and internal rate of return (IRR). Additionally, we use DCF techniques to estimate the value of the property and conduct research to ensure that the client is not paying more than the market value to purchase the property.  

Commercial finance

Let us assist you secure the funding you need for your investments, projects or working capital requirements. Our commercial broker services include the following; 

-       Commercial mortgages

-       Re-mortgages

-       Bridging loans

-       Invoice discounting

-       Business overdrafts 

Based on our extensive network of contacts we have access to a wide range of lenders and funders. We can ensure that you get funding that is tailored to your cash flow requirements.  

Disclaimer: Our commercial finance broker services are not available to the retail and consumer markets.